Board of Directors

Stephen P. Mawer

Stephen Mawer has served as Chairman our general partner since May 2022.  Prior to that, he was Chief Executive Officer of our general partner since April 2020 and a board member of our general partner since March 2016. He retired as president of Koch Supply & Trading in 2014 following a 27-year career in commodities trading, risk management and refining operations. While at Koch, Mr. Mawer led global commodities trading and served as a senior member of the Koch Industries management team. Mr. Mawer holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Cambridge, England. Currently, he serves as a member of the Board of Directors at Zenith Energy Management, a midstream company, as well as chairman of ClimeCo Corporation, an environmental commodities development and management company. Mr. Mawer brings extensive knowledge of petroleum markets, refining economics, supply/marketing optimization and risk management.